Monday, 22 August 2011

Well, its here!

I write this blog sitting in a hotel room surrounded by fellow agvocates learning how to use social media!

Many of you are probably thinking, "Farmers use social media?" Well you are not alone in that thought.

When one of my fellow AgNerds took a cab, he had a very interesting conversation with his southern cab driver. She was asking what brought him to Nashville. He told her he was attending a Farmers conference on how to use social media, explaining he has Twitter. "Farmers tweet??" she replied, "You don't need to learn anything more if you already have Twitter." He then told her that he was also a presenter of our sessions. "Now you don't go teachin' them too much. They still need to do their work!" She instructed him. He then told her that he tweets the most when he is in the tractor using autosteer. "Autosteer? Whats that!" It was explained that it was like the GPS system, but it steers for you. Her reaction, "Your a pimp farmer!"

Technology is truly taking over the world, if farmers are tweeting in the tractor. I am surrounded by over 100 like minded AgNerds to learn how to Agvocate better through social media, and I am ohh so excited!

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