Wednesday, 27 February 2013


I feel the next big movement to hit the newspapers. Lets educate the world about the hands that feed us.

Check out this inspirational video produced by at the Lakeland College Student Managed Farm. If this doesn't make you want to share your story, I don't know what will.

Farmers feed the world, its time the world noticed. Lets use our hands to feed the world, and our voices to change it. On April 22, Earth day, post a picture, make a tweet or post a status with the hashtag #FarmVoices and we can make the negativity towards agriculture end!

Let's make this trend on Twitter and be the next viral video! By working together and standing for what we believe in, we can make this happen!

Monday, 4 February 2013

A little update

Hey there! Yes I am still alive........ School work has got the best of my time right now. I was thinking about my post "A New Decade" and I thought I would provide a few updates.

Here is a clip on the things I wanted to accomplish:

"Wow, when you put it down on paper it seems like so much more. So this has got me thinking about some things I would like to complete in the future:

- Be accepted into the Cattlemens Young Leaders mentorship program.
-Apply to University of Calgary to get my Vetrenarian Medicine degree.
-Travel to Costa Rica to do a Vet Tech program.
-Go on an Alaskian Cruise.
- Become a Professional Agrologist with the Alberta Insitute of Agrologists
 -Attend a championship sports event (Grey CupStanley Cup, etc).
-  Gain my 3 and 5 year leader pins with Alberta 4-H.
- Get $20,000 in scholarships (already at $18,350- not much more to go!!!!!!!) "

I was accepted into the finals for the Cattlemen's Young Leaders program. I was unfortunately not successful for the program, however the information I learned and connections I made were incredible!

I have registered for my third year as a 4-H leader! Upon the completion of the club year I will receive my pin!! :)

I have achieved well over $20,000 in scholarships already. Since I posted this original list in March 2012, I have received almost $10,000, putting my grand total at $27,300!!! The generosity of people is amazing, and I thank them very very much!

Some revised goals in light of the past 11 months:

-Get $40,000 by the time I graduate University of Lethbridge ($10,000/yr is my goal).
- Receive my 10 year pin with Alberta 4-H.
- Travel to Australia or New Zealand and work at an agricultural related job for 4 months (replacing this for the Costa Rica trip)
- I am not sure that my intended career path is to become a veterinarian, so I have adjusted that goal to receive a minor in agbusiness with U of Leth.

Thank you for everyone who helped me over the last year achieve these goals. Here is to the next 8 years of my second decade!