Thursday, 21 July 2011

Why agriculutre??

Many people over the past few weeks have been asking my, why choose agriculture? There is no money, plus its a dying industry? I thought I would share with you why I decided to choose a career in agriculture. This is an essay I used for a scholarship, which I believe answers the question of, Why Agriculture?

Agriculture is an amazing industry that I have only recently discovered.  It was only eight years ago that my family and I ditched the city lights in the search of a farm to call home. I was very pleased that my parents decided to do this, as I was able to meet the love of my life; agriculture. This is a unique industry, as you slave away for months to get a final project. It is not a 9-5, punch the clock type of job. It is a work as it is needed, get up at 3 a.m to check the cows, type of job. It is one of the only careers where you don’t get paid until all the work is done. This is the exact reason why I fell in love. It requires thought and planning, not allowing everyone else make your plans for you, and tell you how to spend your day. It is the most independent industry one can be involved in.  This is one reason why I am so passionate about the industry.
The other reason being, what do we have without agriculture? When you wake up in the morning, you grab a glass of milk. Where did it come from? The dairy farmer. When you get dressed, where did the cotton come from to make you shirt? The cotton farmer. When you get into your car to drive to work, where did you leather seats come from? The beef farmer. Every step you take, and every turn you make, is some way touched by the agriculture industry.  If more people do not become involved in this industry, our world will come crashing down like never before. There will be no meat to eat, no carrots to snack on, and no clothing to wear. This is why I am passionate about the agriculture industry, not only because it is the most challenging industry, but it is also the most important to society.
I believe agriculture in Canada is diverse, as it covers the entire nation, in one form or another. I am confident in the fact that it is the largest and strongest industry in Canada, for a multitude of different reasons. One being that we have a free country, allowing everyone to choose what it is that they wish to do for a living. This allows workers to truly be passionate about what they are doing, paving the way to success. Another reason being that we are geographically aligned to succeed with agriculture; we have one of the largest land masses in the world. This provides various outlets for the production of livestock and crops alike.
The agriculture industry in Canada is very strong, and will continue to be provided people want it that way. I am passionate about agriculture because it affects every single citizen of the world in one form or another. Should the industry fail, our lives will be drastically altered. I want to ensure agriculture continues to be a successful industry for generations to come, to protect our well being.