Friday, 30 December 2011

Agriculture Top 10 Lists of 2011

In my last post, I complied a few of my top 10 favourite things from 2011. After awhile, I began to reflect on this post, realizing most of it had nothing to do with agriculture!

This post's purpose is to correct my oversight, and give you some of my top 10 AGRICULTURE things of 2011.

Top 10 Agricutlure Related Blogs 
(I dont spend much time blogging myself, as I am usually reading up on what these people have to say).
My Cousin is Vegan- Jodi Oleen
Rural Gone Urban-Brooke Clay
Absolutely Agriculture- Rosie Templeton
Oregon Green- Marie Bowers
Kelly M Rivard-Kelly Rivard
The Adventures of Dairy Carrie- Carrie Mess
Cause Matters- Michele Payn-Knoper
Common Senswe Agriculture  - Jeff Fowle
Crystal Cattle-Crystal Young
Pinke Post- Katie Pinke

Top Ten Agriculture Tweeters
@bowndairyman - Trent Bown
@Al_Winmill  - Alec Winmill
@farmerhaley  - Mike Haley
@JPlovesCOTTON  - Janice Person
@RayProck  - Ray Prock
@cownutritionist  - Robin Rastani
@slycattle  - Stacy Young
@FarmGirl44615 - Nicki Gordon-Coy
@rachstu87- Rachel Stuart
@SlowMoneyFarm- Jan

I could not number these two categories as I believe they are all great bloggers and tweeters, I couldn't handle trying to put them in any order. (And I didn't want to deal with their comments.) Another plug- everyone who is on my blog list Tweets, and vice-versa :)

I also have to give a shout out to AgChat Foundation, as without their Agvocacy Training 2.0, I would have never met my top 20 Agvocates. 
Top Ten Farm Fashion/Supply Stores
1. Wetaskiwin Co-op
2. Lammles
3. UFA
4. Peavey Mart
5. Welsh's
6. Irvines
8.Riley & McCormick
9. Coles
10. Shays

I wish everyone the best in 2012, and hope your resolutions come true. If one of them is to learn more about agriculture, then follow these tweeps and blogs for all the angles of agriculture.

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

My Top 10 Lists of 2011

As always with the year ending, out come all of the Top Ten Lists of things over the year. I thought I would compile some of my favorite top 10 lists from 2011. [And to set the record straight, yes I did steal this idea from CISN Country's Taylor Smith.]

I decided I would choose from my favourite things; country music, twitter, food, google,and inventions

Top 10 Country Songs of 2011
1. Crazy Girl -Eli Young Band
2. Barefoot Blue Jean Night-Jake Owen
3.  Take a Back Road- Rodney Atkins
4. Tomorrow-Chris Young
5. You Lie- The Band Perry
6. Am I the Only One-Dierks Bentley
7. You and Tequila- Kenny Chesney Ft. Grace Pottter
8. Honey Bee- Blake Shelton
9. Just Fishin' -Trace Adkins
10. Let Me Down Easy- Bill Currington

Top Ten Twitter Trends

1. Justin Beiber
2. Soccer/Football
3. Lady Gaga
4. NBA
5. Jonas Brothers
6. Christmas
7. Super Junior
8. Brittney Spears
9. Japan Earthquake
10. One Direction

I would just like to comment that it scares me that the number one twitter trender was J Beibs.

Top Ten Internet Searches

1. Canadian Dollar
2. Research in Motion
3. Canada Post
4. William & Kate
5. American Idol
6. Kim Kardashian
7. Census 2011
9. Pippa Middleton
10. Scarlett Johansson

Top 10 Inventions
1. The Stark Hand- Mark Stark

Image: A prosthetic hand protoype is cheap, and helps the wearer catch balls and grip wine glasses.

 2. The BodyGuard- David Brown

Image: This crime-fighting armored glove has a wrist-mounted stunner and a video camera built in.

3. The PrintBrush

Image: This lightweight PaintBrush fits in a laptop bag and prints on any flat surface.

4. The Katal Landing Pad- Aaron Coret

Image: This giant cushion gives snowboarders a soft landing.
5. Dynamic Eye Sunglasses- Chris Mullin

6. The Bed Bug Detective- Chris Goggin

7. A Prenatal Marker to Screen for Pregnancy Complications

8. The Zero Liquid Discharge

Image: The Zero Liquid Discharge vaporizes sewage from boats, airplanes and RVs. 
9. Kymera Motorized Body Board- Jason Woods

Image: The Kymera Body Board — a light, motorized body board.
10. The Medical Mirror 

Image: The Medical Mirror can tell you your heart when you look at it. A webcam behind the mirror captures variations in reflected light on your face, and an algorithm translates that into heartbeats. 

My Top 10 Favourite Recipes
1. Puppy Chow (Except we use butterscotch Chipits)

These are just a few of my favorite things that have a top 10 list :)  Hope you have a safe and enjoyable holiday season!