Sunday, 17 March 2013

The results are in

"If you participate in the olympics and don't win a gold medal, doesn't mean you aren't an olympian." Well, as you probably figured out, we did not make it into the final round at the International Agribusiness Case Competition

On Friday morning at 8 am we picked up a very thick case we were to analyze. It was regarding the Sustainable Agricultural Initiative and how it could move forward in the coming years. There was a list of questions that we had to answer and analyze in five hours. We did fantastic! We provided recommendations, an implementation procedure as well as a timeline for our suggestions. We rocked the presentation and the question period. There were two rooms of seven presentations, and of each room only three teams were selected for the finals. After our presentation, we waited 7 hours for the results. 

When we spoke to our judges after they announced the finalist teams, she assured us that we had covered everything we needed to and our presentation skills were excellent. The reason we did not advance to the finals was that we did not go in depth as well as the teams that finished ahead of us did. To our comfort, the team that finished third in our room, which placed us fourth, was a team of graduate students who had more experience then we did. Furthermore, the three top teams of the competition were the ones selected from our room- so essentially we placed fourth :P

All in all, this experience was amazing. It provided us with presentation skills, and tested our analytic abilities. Our team worked extremely well together, and I am looking forward to next year. 

Thank you once again to everyone who helped us get here! 

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