Monday, 4 February 2013

A little update

Hey there! Yes I am still alive........ School work has got the best of my time right now. I was thinking about my post "A New Decade" and I thought I would provide a few updates.

Here is a clip on the things I wanted to accomplish:

"Wow, when you put it down on paper it seems like so much more. So this has got me thinking about some things I would like to complete in the future:

- Be accepted into the Cattlemens Young Leaders mentorship program.
-Apply to University of Calgary to get my Vetrenarian Medicine degree.
-Travel to Costa Rica to do a Vet Tech program.
-Go on an Alaskian Cruise.
- Become a Professional Agrologist with the Alberta Insitute of Agrologists
 -Attend a championship sports event (Grey CupStanley Cup, etc).
-  Gain my 3 and 5 year leader pins with Alberta 4-H.
- Get $20,000 in scholarships (already at $18,350- not much more to go!!!!!!!) "

I was accepted into the finals for the Cattlemen's Young Leaders program. I was unfortunately not successful for the program, however the information I learned and connections I made were incredible!

I have registered for my third year as a 4-H leader! Upon the completion of the club year I will receive my pin!! :)

I have achieved well over $20,000 in scholarships already. Since I posted this original list in March 2012, I have received almost $10,000, putting my grand total at $27,300!!! The generosity of people is amazing, and I thank them very very much!

Some revised goals in light of the past 11 months:

-Get $40,000 by the time I graduate University of Lethbridge ($10,000/yr is my goal).
- Receive my 10 year pin with Alberta 4-H.
- Travel to Australia or New Zealand and work at an agricultural related job for 4 months (replacing this for the Costa Rica trip)
- I am not sure that my intended career path is to become a veterinarian, so I have adjusted that goal to receive a minor in agbusiness with U of Leth.

Thank you for everyone who helped me over the last year achieve these goals. Here is to the next 8 years of my second decade!

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