Thursday, 2 June 2011

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Well, its that time of the year again! The smell of hairspray and the sound of clippers is in the air! Its show time!

4-H members from across the province have been working hard for the eight months feeding, halter breaking and grooming their market steer and breeding projects. I am sure you have heard the numerous ads on CFCW and other radio stations across the province advertising the local beef show and sales to display the members hard work.

Showing cattle; one of my  favorite past times.
It just occured to me, I have been assuming that you all know what 4-H is, my apologies. 4-H was traditionally an agricultural based youth program, but has know grown to include a variety of different projects. The organization is committed to helping the members become valuable and contributing members of society.

Youth from the age of 9 can join the program, and have a project of their choosing. There are over 30 projects, including beef, horses, crafts, cooking, outdoors and everything in between. Depending on the project, the members develop a plan to complete their goals.

Within their 4-H club, they are the leaders. The clubs executive positions are held by the members and they run the show. The youth decide everything that should be done within the club, with advisory from the adult Leaders.

Alberta 4-H offers many programs to expand the youth's skills even further, from the Leadership Through Counseling Seminar, to Club Week, to People Developing People. All of these programs are developed in the hopes of the attendees to extend their leadership, teamwork and communications skills. There are also programs designed simply for the members to have fun, including summer camps and forums.
LTCS develops some of the coolest camp counsellors!

There are a few additional requirements for the members to complete their 4-H year. They must complete a record book for their project including everything they did through out the year. They also must complete a communications activity, which can range from competing in a competition, to reading a story in front of their club. As well, they must contribute to an activity where the community has benefited.

Communications may be scary, but the trophies are big!

For all projects, the final step is participating in their clubs achievement day. This is a day where the public is invited and the members display their hard work from the previous year. For the beef project, this also includes selling their market show steer.

This creates a tremendous opportunity for the community to become involved in something great. You are helping youth, the future leaders of your communities, to become aware of the value of money, as well as many other life lessons. And the best part? You can purchase some of the greatest beef you have ever tasted!

Check out the Alberta 4-H Website for information on shows and sales in your area, or you province/state 4-H website.

Alberta 4-H'ers always have a smile on!


  1. I totally didn't realize how diverse 4-H was.

  2. I love showing cattle too, there is just this rush when you are out in the ring doing everything you can do to make the cattle look great.

    Loving the blog, so far and I am now an official follower!

    Wyatt Hanson